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If you're wondering...

If Speak Life September is for you?

Since its inception, Speak Life September has helped transform over 1000 individuals . We have testimonies in different parts of the world, but how do you know it is for you? If you can relate to the below it is definately for you.

Speak Life September is for you if...

  • If you’re looking for a community during your transformation. 
  • If you’re looking to understand yourself better
  • If you’re looking for guidance on navigating your wellness. 
  • If you struggle with committing to goals in your life. 

The healing continues....

Speak Life September is our 30 day transformation course

So the #SpeakLifeChallenge came about during a time in my life where  I needed a transformation. I tweeted a few things to do such as expressing daily gratitude on the app and asked people to join me. To my surprise, I wasn’t the only one who needed it, and this was evident in the aftermath. The testimonies have been endless and continue to pour in. See #SpeakLifeChallenge is based on the law & truth that we become what we speak, and so our language has to look, sound and eventually become life. My struggle, pain and ugliness were not in vain. God birthed a hub that would and continues to change lives. I fully embrace that every now and then a new me longs to burst out, just like a caterpillar becomes a butterfly I have learnt to welcome change, growth and new beginnings. It takes work, beautiful, difficult and messy work, but we are in it together. Focus on progress, not perfection. I hope this course births something new in you to share with the world.


Unlimited Fest

Unlimited Fest is our annual festival which brings our community together to get inspired, connect and have fun.

Our recent Unlimited Fest titled ' The Healing Edition' was held at the Kyalami Race Track where 2000 people attended. We had an incredible line up of speakers as well as artisists.

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